API-First-Design mit TypeSpec

API-First oder API-First Design ist eines der vielen Buzzwords in der modernen Softwareentwicklung. Doch für die praktische Umsetzung von API-First-Design scheint es an Tools zu mangeln. OpenAPI-Spezifikationen (OAS) sind sehr umfangreich und diese mit …

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Quick Git - Time Qualifiers

Have you ever heard about time qualifiers in git? Basically, they enable us to specify a certain point in time to take into account when dealing with git references like branches. There’s much potential for time qualifiers in operations like git diff or …

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Quick Git - Update a commit

Have you ever found yourself in the situation of having committed your work already, only to realize directly afterwards you forgot something important which definitely belongs in that commit, too? So you do your changes, make a new commit, rebase …

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Quick Git - Index

Most people I know use graphical tools like Git Kraken or Fork to interact with their git repositories. These programs or even the integrated git clients in Visual Studio/Code are easy to use and provide nice visualizations. But I for myself often like to …

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Quick Git - Reset a branch

We’ve all been there at some point. A rebase here, an unsuccessful merge there – and your branch is pretty much broken. If only you could go back in time to the point where things were working! Well, turns out you can. git reset --hard …

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